FPS games you should revisit (while waiting for new releases)

If you are like most gamers after the hype of the E3 convention, you are probably already making your list of games that you’re going to get before Christmas. For those who play First Person Shooters, there’s really only two dates that you’re looking at: Destiny 2 – Release date September 6, 2017 (PC, Xbox One, PS4) and Call of duty: WWII – Release date November 3, 2017 (PC, Xbox One, PS4) Both games are highly anticipated given the cult following of the original Destiny game along with the much…

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NMD R1 “OG” PK (Black/Lush Red) Review

What better way to start the first sneaker review of this blog than with the shoe that jumpstarted the whole Adidas NMD craze—the NMD R1 “OG” PK in core black/lush red colorway. It originally released late 2015, and was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews due to its overall style and comfort. It was received so well and sold by Adidas with a very limited stock that the resale price jumped up to $1000-$1200 and possibly even more. Unfortunately for those people who bought it at those prices, the shoe was…

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Gaming Toys 

The Xbox One / PS4 Choice

If you’re reading this, you probably: A) fell onto our new blog site (congratulations on reading the first post) or B) came up with some extra money and are not sure what to do with it. In either case, we’re posting this article to update you on your ongoing gaming console decision. Choosing which gaming console to get can be a tough decision considering the amount of time you might be spending on it. So we’ll look at different factors that might help you shell out the money… We’ll try…

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