NMD R1 “OG” PK (Black/Lush Red) Review

What better way to start the first sneaker review of this blog than with the shoe that jumpstarted the whole Adidas NMD craze—the NMD R1 “OG” PK in core black/lush red colorway. It originally released late 2015, and was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews due to its overall style and comfort. It was received so well and sold by Adidas with a very limited stock that the resale price jumped up to $1000-$1200 and possibly even more. Unfortunately for those people who bought it at those prices, the shoe was later re-released by Adidas in 2017 and retailed for around $180. Currently resale hovers around $250.

Adidas’ very own Primeknit and Boost sole technologies very well could be the biggest reasons for this shoe’s (and all other PK NMD’s) success.


Starting with the shoe’s Primeknit or PK upper—it actually feels more akin to wearing socks than traditional sneakers. It’s easy to slip on (just dip your foot in and pull on the pull tab and your in) and has a sock-like collar that hug your ankle and holds your feet in place. No need to fuss with the laces because they’re pretty useless (although I do suggest tying them nicely). The shoe literally wraps itself around your feet without the help of the laces. The PK material is so thin and light, that it allows good airflow in and out of the shoe. I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with sweaty feet with these shoes because the PK allows the feet to breath.

Boost, on the other hand, is Adidas’ very own sole tech which they claim is able to absorb the stresses of your feet hitting the pavement, and manages to return back some of the energy you apply on your shoe, thus making it energy-efficient. I for one am a firm believer having used these shoes for my travels abroad. I can honestly say these are the best traveling shoes I’ve ever worn. Compared to boat shoes, espadrilles, and even other sneakers, which give me ankle strain and make the bottom of my feet a little sore on long walks, Boost has provided all the comfort they claim to give and more.


Simply put, it’s like walking on clouds. But what’s comfort without style? I must say, these shoes are stunning. Walking around the mall, I instantly see eyes looking straight at my feet. The black PK upper is adorned by black laces tied to black eyelets. Each eyelet corresponds to a black stripe on the side of the shoe which forms the Adidas three stripe branding. On the back is the pull tab which says “the brand with three stripes” in different languages (English, Japanese, and German different from shoe to shoe). Holding the pulltab is a rubber heel counter which has the Adidas logo on it. The real eye-catchers are the iconic blue and red bricks sticking out of the midsole of the shoe. These bricks to me are what visually define an NMD. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

To sum it up, I’d like to mention that these are lifestyle shoes and not performance shoes. So don’t buy them expecting to do marathons. Buy them if you want comfort in doing leisure activities or casual traveling. Buy them if you want attention. Truly an iconic shoe that will have everyone’s heads turning.

Overall, this shoe is a good introduction for me to the world of NMDs. Not only is it the OG, but it also holds the best qualities that make all succeeding NMD lines worth looking into.


  • Super comfortable for casual or long distance strolls
  • Eye-grabbing look/iconic shoe (sneakerheads and non-sneakerheads alike will notice)



  • Only available now on resale and prices only likely to go up unless Adidas announces another restock



  • It might fit a little loose inside depending on the width of your feet so some might need to go half a size down (although mine fit true to size)

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