NMD R2 White/Core Red (Two Toned) Review

Back at it again with another sneaker review. This time we’re taking a look at the sequel to the NMD R1— aptly named the NMD R2, this one in the White/Core Red colorway. Just to make this short and sweet, please refer to our NMD R1 “OG” PK review for more information about the Primeknit (PK) and/or Boost materials used in the NMD line of shoes.


The NMD R2, in some ways, is similar to the R1, but these shoes really do stand out on its own. The main visible difference between the R1 and the R2 is the boost midsole. The R1 having three bricks sticking out of the boost, while the R2 only has one sticking out the medial side of the boost. These shoes are predominantly white, which makes the bright red pulltab, brick and sole really pop out, totally catching everyone’s gaze. The Primeknit upper is adorned with white laces tied to white eyelets. There are also three white stripes on the side, which forms the Adidas three stripe branding. A broken lines, textured stitch pattern is also visible throughout the whole PK upper, which adds a little bit more character to these shoes.

White shoes are a no-brainer fit to anything casual you can think of wearing. And, honestly, these shoes pop with whatever you wear. You’re going to see eyes looking at these babies. Just be careful you don’t dirty them up too quick.


Starting with the shoe’s Primeknit or PK upper—it’s thicker than in the R1, which makes the material hug your feet a little better. Although I have to admit, the thicker PK doesn’t breath as well as the ones on the R1, and also it’s not as flexible.

I’d also like the mention that the single brick on these shoes is bigger than the ones on the R1. You can actually feel it on the arch of your feet when you wear them. Although not bothersome in any way—it does feel a little weird (your personal mileage might vary).

The Boost sole, as usual, is where these shoes shine. No complaints here— just right cushion, just the right bounce. They make walking not feel like more of a chore than it already is.


Again, to sum it all up, these shoes are lifestyle shoes and not in any way, shape, or form meant for performance. Light workout?—sure. Ironman tournaments?—no. Getting attention from the opposite sex?—definitely!


  • Super comfortable, snug fit for casual or long distance strolls
  • Eye-grabbing look shoe (sneakerheads and non-sneakerheads alike will notice)



  • Only available now on resale unless Adidas announces another restock



  • Large brick on the midsole may or may not feel weird for you
  • PK is thicker, but you’ll only notice the difference if you also own a pair of NMD R1’s

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