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PS4 Remote Play – A Quick How-to Guide and Review

Remote Play

The Playstation 4 is loaded with so many features that gamers can sometimes forget that they have the option to use them for specific tasks. From button placement changing, headset output settings to even hard-drive extension capabilities, players are able to customize their media experience to their liking. One of these particular features comes in very handy for a select group of gamers – Remote Play.

Taking advantage of faster internet speeds today, as well as more sophisticated video streaming over networks, the PS4 Remote Play feature allows most gamers the chance to access their PS4 when they are away from home… or if your like most players with a full house, a chance to play your console from another location in the house while everyone else is using the TV for less important things (like watching movies… or something).

This is a very useful tool, and we’ll be giving a How-to guide mixed with reviews on how the system works.


For those of you interested in using this feature, just follow the easy steps below.

Step-1 – You will need to gather the following devices:

  • Playstation 4 / Playstation 4 Pro
  • Dualshock 4 Controller
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • PC Laptop / Desktop / MacBook Pro / PS Vita
  • Stable Home Network / Fast Internet

Step-2 – Download and Install the PS4 Remote Play app on your Desktop or Laptop.

You could listen to me, or follow this website ….

Step-3 – Make sure your PS4 is setup to recognize the feature from your desktop.

– Enable Remote Play on the PS4 (Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings > Enable Remote play

– Enable Rest mode feature where the PS4 remains connected to the internet

Step-4 – Register your primary PSN account (which is  also set as primary account on your console: Settings > Playstation Network/Account Management > Activate as your primary PS4 > Activate) on the Remote play app.

Step-5 – Connect Dualshock Controller with USB 3.0 cable to your Desktop / Laptop and start the PS4 Remote Play App.

Step-6 – Press Start and watch your PS4 screen appear on your Desktop / Laptop.

When accessing your console with this method, you allow some things to be made available to you. First, the Remote Play app will now allow you to use your computer’s mic and speakers for sound input/output. However, you can still plug your head set to the controller to separate party chat and game audio, if that is how you set it.

At this point, you essentially have your PS4 screen duplicated on your screen.


Some things to note

The Remote Play feature is meant to be a way to access your console on a temporary basis. So this is only a solution in case you cannot access your console when you want to. (because your family or roommates are using TV for other things)

Game wise, it is important to know how you are connected to the PS4 to determine how effective you can play online games, or single player games, in general. Ideal use is done when a Desktop / Laptop is connected to the same local area network that the PS4 is connected to. This allows a remote gaming experience that has the least amount of delay on button reaction times. On the other hand, do not think about using this feature if you are at work and you want to play a few rounds of Overwatch on your lunch (with you PS4 at home like any reasonable person). The lag time on the stream would severely effect your K/D ratio as the game would be virtually unplayable.

In general, Remote Play is a very useful feature for gamers that live with other people that share a living room or a TV. It allows you to play at your own schedule without interrupting others in the household. But like most remote access streaming, it shouldn’t be thought of as the end solution to continue playing. It is just a really effective band-aid until that day comes when you can afford your own TV…

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