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Acer just launched its latest Predator laptop in the Philippines, and we’re excited

Acer Philippines invited us to witness the launch of their new Predator laptops and we’re excited to give our first impressions.

On September 29th, Acer Philippines held its release event at the High Ground Cafe dubbed Frost Forged, showcasing some of their newest laptops for high-performance gaming.

Frost Forge, deriving from its reference on development of its liquid cooling system and other thermal control, and subsequently, the state-of-the-art cooling capacity brought by these laptops. The focus of this event revolved around the new Predator Triton 700 gaming laptops, which was a design collaboration between Nvidia and Acer to bring the most mobile, and uncompromised, gaming experience in the market.

GPU design

The event kicked-off with a short presentation from the Triton 700’s graphics card supplier, Nvidia, with its local Consumer Sales Lead, Jerome Matti.

Acer’s Triton 700 boasts an incredibly thin profile at 1.89cm, which, in a gaming laptop, has never before been efficiently possible. Mostly due to the fact that graphics cards and other parts required for high-performance gaming generally require larger spaces to work with to help with cooling. For this line, however, Nvidia has integrated their new GeForce GTX 1080 with Max-Q design, allowing for the thin profile, together with high graphics performance within the 15.6” display.

Design and Performance

Following the Graphics Card presentation was a look at Predator’s featured laptops by Acer Philippine’s Marketing and Communications Lead, JB Aquino.

For those familiar with the Predator Gaming desktop series, one of the first things that anyone would notice would be the shift in accent color change from red to the frosty blue emanating from the Triton’s keyboard. This is reference to the design based on cooling capacity of the laptops. The Triton 700 utilizes an advanced thermal control feature with the use of twin Aeroblade 3D fans to help counter the heat generation from the selected graphics cards and Intel I7 processor. These cooling units utilize 0.1mm thin blades, creating 35% more airflow, which plays a big factor into maintaining high performance during power intensive games.

Despite the blue default backlighting to the keys, the laptop comes with a full RGB Backlit set allowing for a full customizable appearance. Put that together with input options allowing up to three screens via Thunderbolt 3, and centered by a 15.6” Gorilla Glass screen display, allows users to maintain a high level gaming experience without being locked to a desktop.

Predator Pricing

Gaming desktops and laptops have always been more pricy than regular laptops not designed specifically for high-performance requirements. However, given the capabilities of the Triton 700 series and what it can bring to the experience, the options given by Acer give a reasonable hit on your wallet with a lot in return.


As seen above, there is almost a Php 100k difference between options, but this shows the leaps in performance from having twice as much storage space, refresh rate and RAM as well as the integration of NVIDA’s latest laptop gaming technology.

It is important to know that for a limited time, purchasing the Triton 700 GTX 1060 will give you a free Predator Cestus 500 mouse and Php3,000.00 worth of Steam credits. Meanwhile, the Triton 700 GTX 1080 will come with the same mouse, Php 5,000.00 worth of Steam credits, and a Predator Galea 500 gaming headset.

Acer seems to have adapted style that reflects performance with the release of this Triton series and you can purchase this model in the following resellers:

  • Columbia Computers,
  • Complink
  • Concept Computers
  • Octagon
  • PC Corner
  • PC Express
  • Think Tools
  • Villman

For more information on the Predator Triton and other products by Acer, you can visit the link below or follow them at @predatorgamingphilippines on Facebook for the latest information.

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