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Predator Gaming completes Philippine leg of DOTA 2 Tournament

Quid Pro Quo wins Philippine Tourney

Last week, Predator gaming concluded is Philippine DOTA 2 tournament at the High Grounds Cafe with Quid Pro Quo taking the top prize of Php 50,000.00. More importantly, they received the rights to represent the Philippines in Indonesia for the 2018 Predator Gamings Asia Pacific Predator League Finals.


Quid Pro Quo, which won the Northern Luzon DOTA 2 Tournament a few weeks prior took home the grand prize after beating Alpha Gaming, which took home Php 30,000.00 for second place. Semi Finalists and NCGC.Davao each received Php 10,000.00.

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Meanwhile QPQ gets the chance at the $150,000.00 prize money at the finals where they will be competing against 6 other country representatives in the Asia Pacifica Predator League 2018 Finals.

Quid Pro Quo receiving Prize money. Picture by Predator Gaming


Predator Gaming

Predator Gaming established Predator League as a means to empower amateur gamers to showcase their skills and talent on a global scene. Endeavoring to discover and put the spotlight on both professional and non-professional gamers, Predator League aims to capture fresh talent from the Philippines and the Pan Asia Pacific region’s bustling amateur eSports scene, particularly for DOTA:2.

This dude’s mom is proud of him. Picture by Predator Gaming Philippines

“The Philippine leg of Asia Pacific Predator League 2018 has come to a momentous end, and we could not be any happier with the level of skill and sportsmanship we have witnessed here in the Philippines,” shares Andrew Hou, President of Predator Gaming Pan Asia Pacific Region. “Still, we see potential for tremendous growth. We are excited to unearth what we know for sure are incredible gaming talents in the Philippines. More than that, we are hopeful that we will be able to recruit more people to summon their strength and to discover the wonderful world of Predator Gaming.”

Predator Gaming President Andrew Hou. Picture by Predator Gaming Philippines

In the Philippines, the Predator League 2018 eliminations saw the participation of 127 registered teams. All elimination legs were done in partnership with THENET.COM (TNC), the gaming company’s eSports partner. Predator League also supports the Philippine DotA pride, TNC Pro Team-DotA 2.

“The astounding reception we have enjoyed in this year’s competition has confirmed that the eSports scene in the country is booming,” shares Eric Redulfin, General Manager of TNC. “The gaming community can rest assured that TNC and Predator will continue to work towards elevating gaming in the Philippines.”

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